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A business is only as good as its people Personal Network... Helping you find people that make the difference.

Quite possibly, the only real difference that exists between competing companies in today's market is Human Resources. People and the skills they bring to the workplace is perhaps the one thing that could mean the difference between excellence and mediocrity. Technologies and infrastructure can be matched. On the other hand, when you pick the right people, they become part of a resource that's uniquely yours.
If a company's clientele is anything to go by, then our client list speaks volumes about our credentials. But as to what's behind it, here's a brief profile.

We are an organization with an institutional psychology tuned in to excellence. Nine years in the recruitment business, we have consistently maintained the highest standards, meeting our clients' requirements to their complete satisfaction. Over the years, we have gained an intimate understanding of the IT milieu and the unique demands it makes on its people.

Our venture into recruitment began in 1994, triggered by the increased demand for quality manpower from the clients we catered to as an audit management and consulting firm. The initial focus was on accounting and finance professionals, which expanded to include engineering, Parma and other export based industries and later, to IT.

Since shifting focus to IT in 1998, we have been the preferred recruitment agency for leading multinationals and Indian corporate. We have built up an impressive database, which in combination with our expertise, the insights gained through the years and our quality oriented team work together to deliver the results that you seek.
Delivering results, fast
The recruitment process employs a series of pre-defined steps. From identifying possible candidates to recommending the right people for the job, the processes are designed to home in on the best possible candidates. Through a matching of personality profiles and a number of rigorous tests on skills and attitudes, the recruitment process delivers the results you want with minimum lapse in time from order to delivery.

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